October 02, 2020

Is this you?

My company is:

- Moving offices.
- Creating some new meeting spaces.
- Looking to fit out a new training room.
- Updating our meeting technology.
- Replacing our Boardroom.
- Or any combination of the above.

Audio Visual Technology is important to our business because:
- It creates environments where our staff can efficiently deliver ideas and information to their peers.
- Staff can exploit existing desktop software tools to deliver impressive presentations.
- We bring clients into our offices.
- We wish to create the perception of a technology literate organisation.
- We wish to appear professional and organised.
- We recognise the value in all or any of the points above.

Our expectations from an Audio Visual solution include:
- It will be easy and intuitive to operate.
- It will always work, without have to call in a technical expert.
- We will be self sufficient in relation to its operation.

But we don't know:

- Which display technology will deliver the best solution for our environment?
- How we will connect to the display?
- The pitfalls of wireless compared with wired connectivity options?
- Whether Video Conferencing be an advantage?
- How we can reproduce reasonable quality audio content from our system?
- Whether automating the environment would be an advantage?
- Which product best suits our purpose?
- How much will it cost?

Spectra Logic Australia can help you answer all or any of these questions!

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